My Man Has Left Me…For The Week

John left yesterday afternoon bound for the Dream Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He and 55 teenagers from Ampd Student Ministry are in for a week of loving the broken in that area. They come back Saturday afternoon, which will not be a moment too soon for me!

One of the first things that attracted me to John was when he talked about the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. When sparks first started flying between John and I, he had just come home from a 2 week trip to work with DC in California. He couldn’t stop telling stories about all of the cool things they were doing for Jesus. And, if you couldn’t tell from my last two blogs, I like cool things for Jesus! So, this cute guy definitely had my attention while he talked passionately about why he didn’t understand how every city didn’t do outreach like the Dream Center.

I am so excited he’s in Atlanta this week! Him and I talk all the time about going (or even moving) out to Los Angeles and helping with the Dream Center in some way. We can’t wait until we actually get to go out there!

Even though I already feel like a lost puppy without my beloved fiance, I know he’ll have a great trip! Golly, I really do miss him already, but Saturday will be here before we know it!


2 thoughts on “My Man Has Left Me…For The Week

  1. Loved your last post… love this one too! I hope you guys get to work with the DC together too… that would be awesome… I know John has a major passion for it! You too are the perfect match… love you both!


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