Ahhhhh, Newlywed Bliss

Where in the world do I start?? I have gotten so behind on things lately. You know, I’m a wife now. So, I am trying to figure all of that out and this blog probably doesn’t rank high on the charts of my priority list. But, all in all, I do miss this little blog. And, my faithful 2 readers :o)

I guess I’ll just answer the questions most people seem to ask when they see us these days….
1) How was the honeymoon?
We’re not going to lie to you, this question usually makes us slightly uncomfortable. We want to shout, GREAT! But, we’re not sure you’re asking what it is that we want to shout, GREAT!, for. So, just don’t ask us. We loved our honeymoon and can’t really tell you the details of Key West or the Bahamas, because we simply won’t know. Okay, okay, enough of that, but, hey, a thousand of you awkwardly asked :o)
2) Have you had a big fight yet?
Once again, bit of an awkward question. Do I ask you the last time you got into a fight with your spouse, mom, brother, pet dog, etc.? But, if you would like to know the answer, not really. I guess we’ve had some disagreements here and there that could have escalated, but we never let it get to that point. I really mean that. John is a lot better than me at this, but when a situation starts to go south, we take care of it pretty fast. The faster we communicate and calm down, the faster we are back in newlywed bliss. But, so far, we’ve been sailing through life and loving every minute of it! Have we had some trials already? Sure! (I mean, heck, people weren’t kidding when they say you’re broke as newlyweds!) But, now we have each other to lean on as we approach the Lord for guidance. So, bottom line, any big fights? Sorry to disappoint, and even though people still try to dig for more, we really haven’t had a big blowout.
3) How are settling in to your apartment?
This is the question that I always wish I had a better answer to! While pretty much all of the boxes are emptied, there is stuff in piles and waiting to be organized. Who knew that John had a million DVD’s or that I had the most random assortment of just plain junk that I still think I’ll use one day? We are slowly making progress on creating this apartment livable. I can’t stand disorganization and clutter. So, our home probably wouldn’t seem that terrible to an outside visitor, but it’s driving me nutso! But, like I said, it is getting there and looking cuter each day. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees so that we could finish everything in a day! But, it’s teaching me to be patient and to focus on one task at a time.
4) I heard you, destroyed or trashed or did something absolutely unspeakable to your wedding dress. Please please please tell me this isn’t true and if for some strange reason it is true, why in the world would you do such a thing?
Yes, I “trashed the dress”. And, if by trash, you mean, it only has a slight smell of lake water and a few dirt and makeup stains that can be easily removed with dry cleaning, AND, I am still completely able to preserve my wedding dress to stick in a box under my bed until I die, then yes, I really did trash the thing. If you wanna see some pretty cool pictures, just google Trash the Dress or stay tuned to my Facebook albums. John and I decided to do this for two reasons:
1) who wouldn’t want really cool pictures with a graffiti backdrop in a junkyard and in a lake, with a WEDDING DRESS on?! I mean, come on, that just sounds magazine-esque. And, since I am not cool enough to ever be in a magazine, I am going to live up the “I am in a wedding dress, so I instantly look pretty and you must make me look good in pictures” as long as possible
2) I highly doubt that if the Lord ever blesses us with a daughter that she will just be dying to wear my wedding dress. Therefore, why not jump in a lake to show my husband that I don’t care if the dress is destroyed beyond repair? I will never need another wedding dress. When, I made my commitment to John, I meant it. So, what a neat, artistic way to show my husband that my devotion is to him.

All right, I guess that is it for now! Hopefully I will find the time to post again very soon and share some more! Hope that life is treating you well; until next time…


One thought on “Ahhhhh, Newlywed Bliss

  1. Finally got the comment thing to work! I love your post and hearing what all you guys are up to! So glad you are incredibly happy! God has blessed our family BIG TIME with the addition of you!


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