Baby Update!!

We had the 30 week (oh my goodness gracious, 30 weeks?!?) appointment this morning. And, let me just say, this baby cracks me up every single day. I am convinced this child is the biggest wiggleworm in the whole world. The baby doesn’t care to slow down for the doctor either.

Today we saw one of the partners in the office and as she first put the little doppler on my belly, the baby was all over the place. My stomach constantly rolls in waves and even the doctor today jumped back with a big “whoa! Oh my goodness!”And, as she looked for the heartbeat, the kiddo kept rockin and rollin. I like to imagine a little Bart Simpson attitude in there thinkin’, “Ha, try to find me now!” With how much this baby was all over she jokingly said, “Are you sure there’s not more than one in there?” To which I responded that John always points to one side of my belly and says “Baby Number 1” and then points to the other side “Baby Number 2”. But, that would be one sneaky baby number 2 finding a place to hide through TWO ultrasounds. That just shows you how funny/out of control this baby moves all the time! It took her a while to find the actual heartbeat because of the wiggling (last appt, my regular doctor didn’t even bother to find the actual heartbeat and said the pulse which we could hear was just fine due to the wiggling!). But, there was the heartbeat, all over the place but around 145.

And, the belly is still measuring 2 weeks ahead! So, all of those haters out there saying I need to eat more, my belly is actually bigger than it should be! Therefore, the doctor wants another ultrasound at 34 weeks to check the growth. We’re hoping it means baby comes a little earlier than September 13th rather than a massive baby right on time :o) But, the doctor seems on top of it all. So, I’m not worried about it at all. Instead, I’m super excited because we are ending up with an ultrasound the week of my birthday! So, we get to see the peanut one more time before it’s birthday!

As far as pregnancy woes are concerned, it appears that the nausea has been kicking in worse and worse lately. Blah. I woke up in the middle of the night last night as sick as could be. I remember just freaking out thinking that the hyperemesis was back. But, luckily things haven’t been that bad. Although, instead of gaining weight this appointment, I actually lost 2.5 pounds. We can go ahead and attribute that to nothing ever sounding yummy to eat. It all makes me nauseous. But, the doctor doesn’t seem concerned at all, so I’m not. I am looking forward to the day when I love to eat again!! Man, I miss enjoying food! :o)

That’s it for today! But, a special congratulations goes out to John’s sister! She just delivered their fourth baby on July 5th. His name is Rivers Joseph and he looks super handsome in the pictures we’ve been able to see! We won’t be able to meet him until Christmas :o( but we’re glad he arrived safely into his new family! Welcome, Rivers!


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