Joy in the Sorrow

A new blog.

A new name.

Same crazy old me.

Somewhere along the way I’ve discovered that writing helps me to process my life. And, apparently John discovered that about me before I discovered it about me. And, because of that, he’s really been encouraging me to sit down and write more. He promised to watch kids and stuff while I go to write. Joke’s on him, I hate writing, but now I have a committed babysitter.


But, well, here I am on a new blog. And, the funny thing? I don’t care if even one person reads it. That might be a half-truth. I’d probably care a little. But, my true point is that I really am committing to write more for me and our family. I’ve tried a journal before and it wasn’t my jam. Typing? My jam.

I want to write so that maybe one day my Littles can look back on the stuff I wrote to see what God was teaching me through our family. Their brother, Warner, really rocked my world. Our world. And, in the best way possible. His short life on earth really changed everything for me.

One of the greatest things that has me in awe is that joy and sorrow intertwine in a beautiful way that only God could accomplish. Joy and sorrow are weaved together. Grief can be breathtakingly beautiful when put in His hands. Beauty from the ashes. It’s what He does. Life is full of joy and sorrow. And, this is our family’s story.


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