What I Wore- June 17, 2015

Okay, so before all of my sweet babies, I actually used to dress pretty well. After all of my babies? Hit or miss. I never seem to know what’s on trend, what’s not, what fits right on my I’ve-had-a-few-babies body, and just the all around time to shop or coordinate an outfit. 

But, in an effort to not wear John’s old t-shirts all of the time, I’m going to try linking up with The Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday on (hopefully) a regular basis! I felt super silly about it at first. But, then, I noticed I actually made a little more effort this week. 

And, can we all laugh together at my terrible quality pictures?! I didn’t realize that taking a selfie was so difficult. Then, I realized my phone’s camera lens was smudged (little fingers perhaps?). And, that my Littles are always in my screenshot. Maybe I’ll perfect the art of selfies in this challenge? 

Shirt: Gap, Shorts: Gap, Sandals: Maurice’s, Smile: Product of uncertain selfie skills


Tank: H&M, Pants: Charlotte Russe, Sandals: Reef, Strange Angle: trying out new lighting 


Tank: H&M, Maxi Skirt: Target, Necklace: Can’t Remember, Awkward Angle: still trying to figure out a good fashion selfie


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