Slowing to Wrap

I’m a busybody. It’s probably why I’ve had approximately 23 children so close together. Taking things slow and steady isn’t exactly my strong suit. Like most of us Type A people, I can tend to be more anxious. I want to know every possible in and out before moving forward in something. Every instruction or piece of information is emblazoned on my mind before taking even the smallest of plunges. 171542_701365651023_1953416_o After I had Ella, I began to notice some Mama’s using woven wraps to wear their babies. I remember being beautifully mystified even from the beginning. But, just the mere thought of taking one long piece of fabric and knowing what to do with it stressed me out. So, I never dared to try it. 919161_10151563719582226_196966208_o After I had Charlotte, I began wearing her more often. It was a necessity for survival with two babies only 17 months apart. As she began to grow, I began trying different carriers along the way. Never really finding love until a friend introduced me to my beloved Tula.

Becoming pregnant with Jed, the sweet rainbow baby, I decided that his arrival will be about abolishing fear. Every decision made during his pregnancy, labor, birth, and newborn days has been run through a filter of “will this bring peace or fear?”. It’s really made all the difference.

So, I was going to wrap this kid if it killed me. Lots of texts, YouTube videos, and Facebook groups later, I’ve fallen in love with wrapping.


There’s something artful and creative about it. That whole link of motherhood thing? Yeah, I can’t help but think of all the mothers around the world and through the generations that have methodically wrapped their baby onto their body.

But, even more than all of that…

it forces me to slow down.

There’s a method to wrapping. I can’t just clip a buckle or two and done. I have to slow and pay attention to what I’m doing. With each pass of fabric, I’m bringing my baby in closer to me.


There will be a day when he doesn’t want to be worn or carried anymore. I remember having a standoff with Charlotte in a parking lot last Summer because she didn’t want to be worn. It was hard to close that chapter, but she had grown and was ready to walk on those two feet God gave her. But, for now, Jed loves being brought in close. He’s the answer to many midnight prayers and he’s worth slowing down for a few extra minutes.