Pure and Undefiled Religion

We. Are. Adopting.!!!


Yes! We have begun the process of adopting from India! Man, so many emotions and thoughts this New Year. We have always talked about adoption, even before we were married. And, the timing was just never right. But, this season, we knew that God was calling us and to turn around wouldn’t be fulfilling what God has in store for our family.

Over the last six months or so, I have hit such a wrestling ground with my faith. Who is Jesus? What is ministry? What is the church? What does Christianity look like? And, the way that I view all of these things or my experience, does it really line up with Bible or the actual truth? I have flat out wrestled with so many things. Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, not uncommon while growth happens. But, unsure where I felt on so much. Except that I knew I loved Jesus, yet was finding a hard time reconciling so many things.

Was God calling me to something different? I could sense that the Lord was stirring me onto something, but I also felt completely clueless as to what. Okay, maybe I go back to school? I’ve always kept nursing school in the back of my mind. I got all of my transcripts together. Began studying for the nursing entrance exam at a college down the road. Attended an informational meeting for the program. But, absolutely was not peaceful about it. I cried and cried to John knowing that I wasn’t supposed to do it but still feeling like something was missing.

More searching and searching and praying. What now? I found myself completely uneasy with so many things. I’ve never been one that has wanted to settle in my walk with the Lord for the easy. The thought of sitting around and complaining about the comforts of my house or car or clothes when I actually have a house, car and clothes just hasn’t ever settled right. Can I call myself a follower of the Lord and spend my attention on stuff or some kind of unattainable feeling? For me, no.

I kept finding myself saying things to John like “the gospel just looks a whole lot like caring for orphans to me”. And, I would continually say it as an example of what I felt was a life living out the gospel. But, not once did I look at it as something God was stirring in me and us at the time (I’m not claiming to be the sharpest tool in the shed here, okay?!).

So, time went on and we continually prayed through what my unrest was telling us. Our first conclusion was me coming to the realization that I LOVE good storytelling. I don’t care the avenue, just really good storytelling. We actually went to a local theater to see “Peter and the Starcatcher” just before Christmas and it was one of the most life giving things to me. (Ahem, it was all about orphans, too👍) But, a story told well, just makes my heart skip a beat. Makes sense that one of the things I fell in love with about John is his ability to translate a story to video and engage you completely within that story.

So, now we had an idea of one of things that presses me on. But, what on earth does that look like for me or for us? Around this same time, what seemed to be happening completely separately was this idea of adoption. This isn’t the first time we’ve prayed whether it was the right time for our family to adopt. So, I was pretty unassuming when we felt like we should start praying and talking.

We began talking and praying and wondering. And, eventually had a FaceTime phone call with some friends that are currently in the process of their second international adoption. We talked and laughed and talked some more. They encouraged what we were already sensing. Let’s just take a step forward. Let’s start with a yes rather than a no. Let’s come from a place of assuming we are supposed to rather than we are not. And, pray like crazy in the meantime trusting that God will shut a door if we’re not supposed to adopt. So, we walked through each small step and here we are now.

It’s kind of funny to me look back on the last six months and see how God was moving and preparing. Caring for orphans is a religion that is pure and undefiled. {James 1:27} That verse in James has been one of my biggest ah-ha moments in this journey so far. That’s why I’ve been at such unrest. So many little stories and details planted firmly in my heart to bring us right here to this moment. I have no idea how the storytelling aspect will weave into it all, except soaking in other people’s adoption stories and for me doing my best to keep you all updated throughout our own process. I know what it’s like to feel the tug of adoption in your heart and to see others adopting, then to wonder if you could ever actually take it on yourself. So, maybe if there’s a few of you out there like me, our walking through this journey, with as much transparency as we can for a public platform, will be life-giving to you.

I’ll update with some FAQ’s soon!! If you have any questions you want us to answer about the how, what, or why, just ask and I’ll do our best to answer! But, we’re thankful to have to you all walk this with us!