More About This Whole Jesus/Bride/Marriage Stuff…

John and I have had a crazy last three weeks! From a trip to Texas, 2 wedding showers, more wedding planning, a marriage preparation class, finding an apartment, and lots more squeezed in there, we are both exhausted. But, somehow, through all of the exhaustion, we have been hearing the voice of God.

We have finally come to peace about a very big decision that will decide our future. But, we also know that we serve a God that is big enough to decide our future and we would much rather Him do it than us try and control it. I’m not going to go into any more detail than that, because I feel like we need more time to stand on the decision before declaring it from the mountaintops. A lot of times when I hear the voice of God on a big decision, I just like to rest in it. And, if people ask me about whatever the topic is, then I can explain where the Lord has led me. Otherwise, I would rather just walk in the decision than letting the world know what God has told me to do. And, in this case, me and my almost-husband got to hear from the Lord together on the decision! Too cool.
Okay, but, anyways, here’s the real point to this post…why do people get married anyways?

To complete each other? No! Our completion is found through Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord that it is found in Him and not in an imperfect human being.

To procreate? Absolutely. We are called to disciple our children and send them out in the world to tell people about Jesus. But, I don’t believe that this is the only reason by any means.

The answer on why to get married is the typical Sunday school answer…

it’s JESUS

It’s one more way to look just like Him.

Ephesians 5 pretty much sums it all up. Even though John and I are both still human, with sin in our lives, God will still use our marriage to give the world a picture of Jesus’ pursuance of us. We won’t need to be married in Heaven because, Jesus will be there to give us the perfect picture of His love for us. Marriage is the closest thing on earth that can give a visual of Jesus’ undying love for us.

Jesus will never ever leave His wife, us. He is committed beyond comprehension. John and I are both so grateful that the Lord would allow us to enter into marriage to try and mimic this picture for the world.

Jesus is 100%, madly in love with those that have come to faith in Him. He continues to pursue even when we reject Him. He continues to love even when we feel unlovable. He cleanses us even when the stains feel too deep. And, John and I get the opportunity to paint this picture to everyone through our marriage. What an overwhelming responsibility, but also what a great reason to work on our marriage even when the tough times come.

I love Jesus a whole lot. And, I love the fact that He has given me one more opportunity to share His truth.


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