Bring It On

Wedding showers, thank you cards, stamps, post office, DIY wedding invitations, more stamps, template is not working for invitations, printer decides it wants to eat invitations, back to car to get more invitations, template messes up again from the walk to the car and back, printer still doesn’t like us, invitations all printed!, no they’re not we need one more package, time to stuff!, no we need to find something to affix it to the top of the jacket, post office again x3, back to the post office when some wedding invitations return back to me, receive 3 emails from friends, first premarital counseling session, person that was paying for the cake is not able to anymore, more DIY wedding invitations that are STILL not done because the special sealing gluesticks decided to eat through THREE glueguns with THREE different packages of gluesticks which equals to THREE trips to Michael’s, bought veil, lady that was trusted to do alterations doesn’t do them anymore, wedding band that was perfect for my engagement ring doesn’t exist any more and may or may not be in certain stores because “once it’s off the website customer service can’t track it anymore”, receive 3 more emails when I haven’t even responded to the first 3 yet, stuff is overloaded at both houses that we’re staying at to the point where I can barely walk in my room, going to three Walmarts to buy stuff for the centerpieces and still not having enough, every time  I make my way to Michael’s I don’t have my 40% coupon with me and think the whole time how I could be saving 40% but I don’t have time to go back and get my coupon, John is in camp mode and once it hits life is only going to get nuttier, receive 4 more emails when I haven’t responded to the first 6 yet, blah blah blah blah blah…

I have been begging John for the last month to let us can the whole thing and just go to Vegas. He hasn’t let me win so far. Probably because he knows that I ultimately don’t want to do that. And, believe me, I have tried really hard to convince him. We’re talking tears, refusing to do the rest of the invitations, coaxing him with how much more money we’ll have, and that the sooner we got married, the sooner we could consummate things…but, still no luck. I mean, seriously, if my last point cannot convince him, then I know he believes we’re really supposed to do this whole wedding thing.

I know we are supposed to do this whole wedding thing. We have prayed every day (for real, every day) that Jesus would be exalted at our wedding. And, that everyone would walk away from our wedding thinking about Jesus and his bride, not about us. And, because of these intense, “Lord, please make Your fame greatly known at our wedding” prayers, the enemy has been workin’ double time. I mean, the second we get more gusto to keep going, something else goes wrong. But, this just lets me know that God is honoring our requests to bring people to salvation through our wedding.

I may be a little scared to say this, BUT….bring it on, devil!!


2 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. #1 it the only wedding you will ever have to plan, #2 it will all be over soon, #3 i am free to help you with ANYTHING you need, #4 i am praying for you everyday!


  2. sorry for the stressful feelings, my friend! but yes, BRING IT ON, devil! and use us (your friends) to help you beat him up by planning the best wedding ever =)


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