Lit Candles

Wow. So many people have told us that they lit candles last night in memory of baby Phillips and all of the other precious babies that have passed on to be with Jesus. It has been so encouraging. I fought tears today as three of those people sent us pictures of their candles. We do plan to include those pictures in our scrapbook. I wanted to show all of you the pictures we were sent. And, I also want to say thanks to the people that did light a candle without sending a picture. There are so many more of you that participated and it’s been overwhelming. We are such an incredibly blessed couple!
Here is Mary Margaret’s candle
Here is the candle from the Chesser household (love the beautiful sign!!)
And, finally, here’s the candle from Nana and Pop’s house (John’s parents)
Baby Phillips was one loved little child. It’s been comforting to have people walk this with us. It’s nice to know that there are people out there grieving with us. I am hoping to get my bracelet (that I talked about in an earlier post) this weekend. If not, I guess I can make it until next week. Love you guys and thank you again for thinking of all three of us last night!

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