It’s Time To Love…

As Sanctity of Life Sunday (us Christians like to make names for everything, basically a day set apart to remember the lives that have been lost to abortion) draws nearer, I have been a little more reflective this year. There are so many precious, beautiful, and hurting women out there that have lost a baby (or babies) to abortion.

I cannot even begin to imagine the hurt and pain that comes after having an abortion. I know how hard the last few months have been on John and I, and we didn’t choose to lose our baby. No matter how tough the exterior of a woman that has been through an abortion, there is an emotional hurt that I am sure has no comparison to anything else. I have experienced the hurt with someone extremely close to me. And, it has taken her a very long time to come to a place of healing from her decision. But, she has also come to realize how gracious our wonderful Savior is that she will get to see her baby one day! Maybe my baby and her baby are hanging out right now :o)

I have always been extremely upset at how some “churches” or some “ministries” choose to approach the topic of abortion. And, you know what? The truth is, I am just flat out tired of it. I am tired of just sitting by and crying or screaming to myself at how some people choose to approach those in need of Jesus. And, I know I have several readers of this blog that are not Christians. Let me be the first to say, I am so very sorry at how we behave day in and day out. But, let me encourage you not to look at us morons and I can help you seek out the grace, mercy, compassion, pursuance, and love found in Jesus Christ.

Now for us Christians…I don’t know when it became okay for us to treat those that have sinned as less than us, but can I be the one to help remind all of us what we are? We are measly, “righteousness worth as filthy rags”, SINNERS. And, I dunno about you, but the last thing on my mind before I was a Christian, was whether or not I was pleasing God. If I was getting an abortion, the last thing that would make me stop is hearing about how much “God despises this and that”. If I was already headed down that path, I would already be in the position where I think a risky surgery is the answer instead of any other options, so why would I be inclined to hear that now God’s gonna hate me, too? Have we forgotten that darkness doesn’t want to walk in the light? So, why would someone that’s not a Christian, feel the urge to do what’s right?

The only thing I know is that Jesus saved me. I don’t fully know why, but He did. And, I know that His heart breaks for every innocent baby that stops growing in the womb (including my baby that I miss so much and for every precious aborted baby). And, I know that according to the love that Jesus has shown me, I want to show some of that love to any woman that has an aborted baby. Praise God that we live in the NEW Testament now, not the Old.

And, even if we lived in the Old Testament (which I am in right now, thanks to my Bible reading plan for 90 days), it is still so obvious how God pursues those that are lost and in sin. I mean, let’s just look at the Israelites for example, time and time again they complained against the Lord even though He just got done rescuing them out of slavery. And, what does the Lord do? Sure, His anger starts to build, but He also continues to pursue them with love and blessing.

All I ask, is that we really try to remember what God’s love is like on this Sanctity of Life Sunday. Remember how either myself or you could only be a few decisions away from an abortion. Would you want Christians to turn their back on you with hatred yet declaring it’s what God would want them to do? I am SO happy that Jesus never turned His back on me or on you.


One thought on “It’s Time To Love…

  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and just wanted to leave a message. I'm from Orlando too. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby, I can't even begin to imagine the pain that caused.

    Ps- Dr.Peppy is my OB and delivered my son, isn't he awesome?!


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