Daddy’s Baby Already!

So, it turns out we are already 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant!! Time has been flying on by lately! Probably because we have been so stinkin’ busy with the move and lots of fun house guests. I am definitely not complaining that time is moving a lot faster than it did before. And, while I do still get nauseous from time to time, it seems like the vomiting stage (other than a fluke a week ago) ended at 20 weeks. So, woohoo for not puking all the time now! I could NOT be more grateful that the puking did eventually stop and I am not one of the lucky women that deals with it for the whole 9 months.

I first felt this sweet baby move at 15 weeks and the movements have only gotten stronger. And, a lot more frequent. Let’s just say that these days, the baby must not sleep much because the child has figured out how to do somersaults and cool breakdance moves in the weightless habitat. My belly does look very alien-like on a regular basis starting this last week. We’re talking, “um, I think a little foot could bust through at any moment,” type of movements. And, the crazy wave-like movements of my tummy all over the place. The movements are above my belly button sometimes, and below sometimes. Every once in a while there’s a left side jab, but the baby seems to like my right side better.

For the most part, the baby just moves whenever he or she feels like it (which seriously doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, if I’ve had sugar or not, the kiddo likes to bust a move constantly). But, there is one thing I’ve noticed that brings the baby to freakout mode, jump all around, trying to bust straight through my uterus and tummy into the world to give me a piece of their mind…

when daddy is no longer around.

Whenever daddy’s voice is absent, the baby protests by beating up my insides and rolling around like a mad child.

Shortly after John leaves for work…when he leaves the room…when he stops talking at bedtime, etc…the baby goes crazy. It’s as if the baby is screaming and is trying to ask what the mess happened to his or her daddy.

Don’t worry, I plan to make sure this child understands how much I puked, how many times my back gave out to where John had to scoop me up and carry me to my destination, and how I birthed the child into the world. I am determined to make sure this baby loves me as much as he or she obviously loves daddy.

But, baby, I think you’re right about your daddy. He is just as amazing as you think he is and much more. I can’t wait for you to meet him. He’s so much fun. And, makes me laugh like no one else on earth. Also, he’ll do anything you ever need. If you want to learn a trick, he’s super nice and giving, he would give you the world on a string if he could.

Baby, I’m glad you already love him so much. Because, I always want to protest when he has to go to work and things, too. It’s just not as socially acceptable for me to kick around like you do when he leaves…


One thought on “Daddy’s Baby Already!

  1. Aww. Miss you guys. Trust me after your move and now we are losing Chad and Staffon, I want to throw myself around and conduct my own personal fit. Ampd doesn't resemble anything of its glory days. I am trusting in the Lord on this one big time. I have no idea where my place is anymore. Got alot of praying to do. Can't wait to see you soon. Tell daddy hi and baby too. Lots of love and prayers for all of you.


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