Baby Update!

Latest belly picture from last week. 27 weeks 3 days!

**Next post will be on our second baby shower in Texas this past week!**

Had the 28 week appointment this morning! So, today included my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes (I’ll find out the results the end of this week or beginning of next) and my RhoGam shot (I am one of the few lucky ones that have a negative blood type!).  Sweet baby was moving and scooting like a mad child (per a usual day) while the doctor listened for the heartbeat. And, the baby punched the doppler! The doctor and I both laughed. I have been wanting to hear the baby do that every stinkin’ appointment, so I enjoyed it :o)

I am officially gaining weight and I think gone are the days of trying to play catch up in that arena! And, my fundal measurements have always measured about a week or a week and a half ahead. Well, today it was 3 weeks ahead! The doctor said it was a measurement of 31 weeks and it took me quite a while to even process that number! He said if I’m still measuring ahead the next appointment, we will have another ultrasound to see quite how big this child might be. I’ve always loved chunky babies, but not really for delivery day…We shall see!

Today, on the way to the doctor’s appointment, John and I were listening to the latest Passion album, “The Awakening”. Right as we were pulling into the parking lot, the song “He Loves Us” sung by David Crowder Band (on this album anyways!) came on. We just sat in the parking space and listened to the rest of the song before we went in. I really had to fight tears through the entire song. It’s one of the worship songs I cried my eyes out to the day after we found out our first baby stopped growing. So, with the baby in my belly, and unknowingly at the time, just a few hours before we had that baby, I sung as loud as I could.

Today, that song has a double meaning. It helped walk me through the sorrow of losing our first child and was used today to remind me how much we’ve been blessed with this baby in my belly today. He’s allowed us to feel little baby kicks, to see pictures of life again on an ultrasound screen, and revived the hope of bringing a baby home from the hospital.

Regardless of the good or the bad, oh how He loves us.


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