Baby Time Getting Closer, Maybe Too Close?

We had our 32 week appointment just the other day with one of the partners in the office. Next appointment I return back to my regular doctor for the duration of Operation: Baby. I really do love this office and so far they have been great. Every appointment the doctors have taken their time with us and I always just feel like I am hanging out with a good friend. A good friend that I have total confidence in for taking care of me and my baby.

For those that are keeping track of the unfolding story concerning this baby growing like a mad child, I measured 3 weeks ahead again. Every single time I have measured 2 or 3 weeks ahead. They’ve told me that +2 is completely within the normal range but the +3 is what makes them want to take another little sneak peek at the child either next appointment or the appointment after. It seems like all of the doc’s are guessing an 8-pound baby. Not that I’ve ever pushed a full term baby out of my Nether regions, but 8 pounds seems doable to me. I try to explain to the baby that 7 pounds is a good number, but for some reason, I don’t think the baby understands a word I am saying…

Well, this past week, the Braxton Hicks contractions decided they wanted to begin revving up. Which, hey, I am all about because it’s comforting to know that my body is getting ready for the process. But, on Monday night, I had 7 contractions in an hour. For those pregnancy illiterate (like myself before I had a child in my uterus), 4 or more contractions in an hour can be a sign of preterm labor. I did all of the special little things that are supposed to make them stop if it’s just Braxton Hicks and none of it worked. Well, I finally decided if I had one more, I was going to call the doctor and bam, they stopped. I had one more about 45 minutes later, but that was it. The rest of this week I have had Braxton Hicks on and off, but nothing consistent again. I’ve also been having some pressure (sometimes feels like a lot, sometimes it’s not as noticeable) and feeling crampy (sometimes a lot, sometimes not).

At my appointment, the doctor just emphasized lots of rest and water. And, more than once she said, “I just want you to get 34 weeks, after then, you can let your body do whatever you want”. SO, that’s where we are now. The last few days have been me laying on the couch or bed and telling the baby to not arrive until my birthday (the day I turn 34 weeks, August 2nd) or later. John cleaned the whole house and did the dishes and finished the laundry and mowed the lawn and made dinner and so forth the last few days. (Awesome man, hasn’t complained once!) It is so against my entire personality to sit around and not be able to do my normal activities. But, I think I can handle taking it easy the next week and 2 days. It’s already been amazing how much extra rest really has calmed the contractions and pressure.

Part of me wants to laugh in thinking that we’re trying to do whatever little things we can to ensure the baby stays in and that when it comes the appropriate time for the baby to come out, the kiddo probably won’t budge. I sure hope that’s not the case, but I am learning how unpredictable all of this pregnancy stuff can be. But, the baby is currently head down, which is exciting to know that one more piece to the puzzle is falling in place!

So, there ya have it! Looks like we’ll have a baby in 7 weeks or less from now! :o)


2 thoughts on “Baby Time Getting Closer, Maybe Too Close?

  1. You are such a trooper for making it through with the sickness, that's a far rougher road than most of us have to travel to get our precious babies in our arms! I can't wait to see pictures, and I just know you will blog about the birth (I love hearing birth stories!!!) so I will be all stalkerish waiting for that to happen. 🙂


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