Never A Dull Moment!

So, last night, it was bedtime and per my usual routine I turned the thermostat down from the 78 I keep it on during the day to the 73 I put it on at night so I don’t sweat the night away in my current hormonal state. John and I went to our bedroom for some good ol’ pillow talk, then our usual prayer time. The room was getting nice and cooler, so I got all comfy under my blankets. We turned on the TV and then I started to feel warmer. Assuming it was my hormones (ahem, my scapegoat for everything the last year of my life), I asked John if he could turn down the air one more degree.

He goes to turn it down and informs me the thermostat says 75. Which, is pretty crazy because I set it to 73 almost 3 hours earlier and it usually cools down pretty fast. Still not thinking much of it, I just try to get comfy and fall asleep.

Then, as each hour passes through night, I awaken feeling warmer and warmer each time. And, noticing that the air is constantly blowing and never shuts off. Hmmm…

The morning comes, I shake John awake and declare that I think our A/C is broken because I am sweating like a mad woman. He checks the thermostat. It is currently 78 degrees in the house while it is only 75 degrees outside.

We go to Home Depot thinking maybe we just need to change the filter. I have a contraction in Home Depot where I wasn’t able to talk. Oh dear. But, luckily it was only one.

Change the filter.

Wait 30 minutes.

It is now 80 degrees in the house.

Several phone calls later to the landlord, warranty companies, and A/C repair company, we realize the A/C unit outside has officially stopped running. It apparently hates pregnant women that are 33 weeks pregnant that are supposed to be on a simplified, modified bedrest for one more week.

As I laugh about how ridiculous everything is, the house went up two more degrees in temperature. We officially dubbed today “bring your hugely pregnant wife to work” day. Today I have lounged on John’s couch in his office hoping that all of today’s activities don’t cause this baby to exit my nether regions before hitting the 34 week mark.

I have been laughing at just how crazy all of this pregnancy has been. This child’s scrapbook will be written out in detail so the second this child thinks he or she is cooler than me or doesn’t love me anymore, I am shoving the book in their face. Complete with the details of my puke escapades and of the A/C breaking causing me to sweat like a construction worker in my own bed while I am supposed to be focusing on not stressing my body so the child stays locked in for at least one more week.

I guess it wasn’t a random happenstance that yesterday one of the verses I prayed over me was Proverbs 31:25 “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come”. Because, my actual clothing was smelling of sweat and no person in their right mind would have laughed at the fact that their A/C was broken in the dead heat of summer. So, praise Jesus that He prepared me for today as much as possible!

Tonight we are staying with a gracious family that has opened up their home so we don’t have to sweat to death. And, another family had also opened their home. We are so thankful!

And, tomorrow, God is sending an angel to our little home in Peachtree City, GA…

the blessed A/C repairman shall be knocking on the door between 9a-1p. I would bake him homemade treasures to show my gratitude. But, that requires too much heat. Therefore, I will repeatedly thank him for his supernatural ability to fix the one thing every woman with a child in their uterus should be given, a working A/C unit.


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