25th Birthday, Georgia Baby Shower and Baby Update!

John and I before heading out to my birthday dinner! 34 weeks pregnant here!

Okay, since I posted last, I am officially 25 years old and I’m 35 weeks pregnant! So, my birthday last year, I had been married for 2 weeks and little did I know, I was a week away from being pregnant with my first baby! It’s so hard to believe that I have now had TWO birthdays as a married woman. And, John did an extraordinary job this year at making me feel special on my birthday. He came home from work at lunch time and we went out to lunch (at McDonald’s…I know, I know, don’t talk to me, tell this baby that a double cheeseburger meal is ridiculous. Droooool). Then, thanks to some birthday money and a coupon I found for a free bloomin’ onion, we enjoyed some Outback Steakhouse! We had a great time hanging out! Plus, John got me flowers and a yummy peanut butter chocolate pie. Good man, good man.

Two sweet ladies here in Georgia threw me a baby shower! It was so sweet of them and of so many ladies to bless us with gifts! It was a women’s only shindig with church staff ladies, church staff wives, tech team volunteers, and tech team volunteers wives. It was so fun to have a more traditional shower and I loved being able to open so many great gifts! We played baby bingo and everyone had a necklace on where they would lose it if they were caught crossing their legs. I lost my necklace pretty fast! Everyone was so sweet to buy us such awesome gifts, especially since we haven’t even been in Georgia very long! After this shower, we are officially set and ready for this baby to get here! I actually crossed off the last item on my essentials list this past Friday. Now, we just need a precious little baby to welcome :o) Thank you to Holli and Becky for throwing such a beautiful, fun shower! And, thank you to all of the ladies for such awesome gifts!! Here are a few pictures from the shower:

The gifts!! We got so many seriously awesome gifts!
Opening gifts!
I look a little confused here, haha. But, I think this was when everyone was enjoying the yummy food!

This past Friday, we had our 34 week appointment. Everything is looking great and it seems like baby is starting to measure more on the average track! At the 32 week appointment I was measuring 34cm and this one I was measuring 35cm. So, for now, there’s no need for another ultrasound. As much as I would LOVE to see the baby again, I’m afraid to see, um, private parts on the screen! Haha! It’s a pretty irrational fear because the tech at our office is really good about not exposing what we don’t want to see, but I am just afraid somehow the gender would slip! And, it would stink to make it this far and have the surprise ruined. We will know whether there is a lot of pink or blue in our future, in just a few short weeks! This has been such a fun surprise and waiting game! Next appointment is in 2 weeks (Aug. 20th) and after that we will be at the doc’s every week until we have our precious baby! Oh, and on the contraction front, I only had 2 rather intense contractions about a week ago. The doctor said at this appointment I am out of the woods as far as he’s concerned for pre term labor, so whatever happens happens at this point!

For those out there that want to know how to pray for us and baby, here are some things we’d love for you to lift up if you want to! Most importantly, we are praying for our baby to develop safely and healthily. And, for our baby to arrive safe and sound on delivery day for us to hold and take care of for the rest of our lives! Also, we are praying for baby to stay head down and for an uncomplicated labor and delivery. We have also been praying that I could labor and deliver drug-free, with no need for a c-section. And, that the labor and delivery would go quickly! If you wanna, feel free to pray with us! We can hardly believe that the time is almost here!! So excited for that day!


One thought on “25th Birthday, Georgia Baby Shower and Baby Update!

  1. Jennifer, I am all about praying for delivery day, it can be one of the greatest days in a woman's life and you are in my prayers for sure! Please feel free to relay any positive stories about the drug-free L&D, that's our plan this time around too. Such an exciting waiting game for you now!!!


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