Ella Update!!

I’ve realized recently that I have not updated the world on the craziness that is Ella! So, here are some tidbits on our sweet Ella girl!

Ella at 4 months. John’s computer has more pictures on it! I will try to update with them soon :o)

–Little Miss is a take charge, independent, and vocal thang! I wish I could say I don’t have a clue where she gets it from, but, more times than not, I see myself in her (scary and cool at the same time!). She is what we like to affectionately call a screamer. I, in no way, mean that to sound like a bad thing. But, she just screams a lot, haha. The second night we were in the hospital she screamed all. night. long. Not a few whimpering cries as we heard from our neighboring babies, but full-out cried for hours on end with no ceasing. I remembered sitting there thinking I had never seen a baby like it after all of my years of babysitting and nannying, haha. Because of this, I have the feeling she is going to be a non-stop, loud talker! Once again, I have no clue where she gets that from…

–I must admit that a lot of Ella’s screaming has piped down since I cut out all dairy from my diet (can you say hardest thing ever after being nauseous for 9 months??). Her eczema is gone (I wish we would have taken some pictures at it’s worst, because it was pretty yucky), she doesn’t scream all the way through eating now, she actually wants to eat, and overall just seems much happier. Time will tell if it’s a true allergy, but for now, no dairy has worked wonders for our family!

–Ella said her first word a few weeks ago! Drumroll please…it was mama! Now, let’s be clear, she says it everyday (usually while crying), but she doesn’t have a clue in the world what it means. And, I am sure my incessant, “mamamamama” all up in her face had nothing to do with her learning how to say it

–She HATES tummy time. The fastest way to hear how loud she can scream (once again, I have no clue where she learned volume control…) is to put her on her tummy. It’s like she screams to tell us that she knows we are sending her to her doom. So, she gets most of her tummy time right before bedtimes because we can send her straight to bed where she’ll snuggle up, calm down, and fall asleep, rather than spend 30 minutes during her waketime trying to reassure her that we won’t send her back on her doomful tummy.

–She’s officially rolling over from tummy to back! John and I pretty much cheer like freaks when she does it. Maybe that’s why she’s scared of tummy time? Hmm. Also, we firmly believe she can roll from her back to tummy, but refuses to do so because why would she throw herself in the position she hates?? Seriously, she gets like a half-inch from rolling to her tummy and instantly pulls herself back. She knows, that little booger, she knows. And, if I try to help her in that mid-roll to her tummy, with all of her might, she pulls herself to the opposite direction, keeping herself firmly planted back to the ground. But, really, I have NO idea where she gets her strong-willed nature…

–She officially turned 5 months this past Friday! She’s almost a half a year!

–She is slowly growing out of her 3-6 month clothing and is already in some of her 6-9 month stuff! She’s a long little girl!

–Her laugh is SO contagious! Once she gets going, it’s like she can’t stop. Her whole face squishes up and she laughs to the point where then it gets hard for her to breathe, haha. We took her to see Tangled and she loved at all of the funny parts!! John and I were just cracking up, because she even laughed at the funny parts before the crowd started in. Any time there was physical comedy (when the guy gets hit on the head, etc) she was cracking up! I don’t know that John and I have ever been more proud of our daughter than when we realized she understands humor :o)

–She loves her some Mickey and Minnie Mouse! If she’s screaming past the point of any solace, we turn on the TV to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she is g-l-u-e-d. As soon as Mickey invites her to his clubhouse, she’s trying to dry up the tears.

–Anything she can get her hands on, goes in her mouth. There’s two spots in her mouth where I have thought for sure that a tooth would come bustin’ out soon. But, nothing so far! But, she loves to chew on any of her toys, her hand, my hand, her pacifier, and even her clothes if she can grab a piece of it, haha.

–I am falling more in love with her every day. One thing I didn’t realize as being a new parent is that sometimes it takes a little while for the bond to mature, and that’s okay. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her from the beginning, but now that she’s blossoming into her very own self and not just a screaming bump on a log (I mean, seriously, newborns have always been kinda bump on the log-ish to me), I am loving her beyond what I thought I could. Every day that love for her grows a little more. I just wish I could hold her and squeeze her all the time! I didn’t want to put her down for her morning nap today because she was just so yummy (John doesn’t understand that term, but whatever). Under all of that strong-willed personality, she is just the sweetest little baby that loves to giggle, smile, and hold on tight for a good hug. We are so glad the Lord gave us her, even on the tough days!!

I think those are enough Ella tidbits for now! I need to do better at keeping up with some of her shenanigan’s on here, so I can remember them!


4 thoughts on “Ella Update!!

  1. I adore this post. I can relate on many levels, and you said so many things better than I ever could when describing our darling screamer. Your love for her is apparent and beautiful, and I hope you know what a great job you're doing. I can't wait to meet Diva McScreamyPants in person…she's got to be the cutest little girl I've ever seen….mean it.


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