House of Screams

Ella has screamed a lot today. Actually, she’s screamed a lot this week. I think a tooth may be on its way, a lot of signs are pointing towards it, but it’s hard to tell. I think being the mom of a baby is like being a detective! Never truly knowing what’s going on 😉

Today when she woke up less than halfway thru her nap, screaming and then continued to scream for the rest of the afternoon, it all finally caught up with me. Three days, in a house alone, with a screaming baby. And, girlfriend got some lungs. I put her in her swing, in front of the TV with Praise Baby playing. And, stepped away for a minute.

I got all huffy with the Lord.

Seriously, Lord?? A third day of screaming? 

I don’t have any help, why do you let her be so fussy for days on end??

I have given all of the love and grace I can give.

Then, I stopped being huffy and puffy. And, the tears started. I picked up Little Miss, held her close, cried and sang along to the Praise Baby DVD thanking the Lord that He has never run out of grace for me.

He HAS given all of the love He can give. Even when I am screaming in His face, over nothing, He has more love and more grace to give to me. And, I pray that despite my own fussiness, that Ella will one day be able to see the true love and grace from the Lord by my love for her.


2 thoughts on “House of Screams

  1. Haha. It is amazing mommies think alike. I just wrote a very similar post. 😀

    Just be encouraged, the Lord delights in your weak yes to Him and to sweet Ella. 😀


  2. I know it is so hard when they cry and you don't know what's wrong and can't fix it. Thankfully God is ready to hear our cries too. 🙂 Praying you have a better day tomorrow.


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