So, Ella has been going in circles lately. No, really. In circles.

Ella sleeps in a “blanket sleeper” over her PJ’s because it can get pretty chilly in her room. See her pacifier? Yup, John came up with the genius idea to take her WubbaNub and clip it to her using the little piece of material at the top that snaps over the zipper. Beautiful, I tell you. No more giving her the pacifier back=no more treks upstairs for me or John in the middle of sleep-times.

But, anyways, I digress…as you can see her little feet aren’t exposed. They are inside of the blankety sleeper. Well, the little mastermind has figured out how to maneuver herself around anyways. Who needs exposed feet to do cool tricks? So, now she likes to scoot around to her heart’s content. I woke up this morning to her in that same position trying to roll over to her tummy (then, quickly thrusting herself back because she hates her tummy, remember?). She would cry for 2 seconds for me to come get her, but then she would be quiet for 5 seconds as she scooted around her crib for fun. Goober is one of my many nicknames for her. Goober.

Tummy time these days equals even louder screaming, but lots and lots of circles. And, much quicker at rolling back over to the safety of her back. She firmly believes her tummy can’t be trusted. Oh, the goober. Although, she doesn’t quite understand yet that all of the circling and pumping legs are making her that much closer to crawling. I try to explain to her that she’ll be that much closer to world domination. But, she figures she already has John and I wrapped tightly around her fingers, so why take on any more yet? :o) What a goober.

Maybe I should put her in the blanket sleeper, with no available feet, on her tummy and she’ll learn how to crawl? Hmmm. Goober child of mine always makes me laugh.


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