Ella’s Greatest Disobedience

I knew the day would come when this would happen. I greatly feared it. I explained to Ella in the hospital that she had only one rule that she could never break.

And, the day came just a few weeks ago where she figured out how to accomplish what will always be the greatest act of disobedience in our house. I snapped a picture to show you all the grave decision Ella has been making quite frequently. With much hesitation, I will show it to you…

 I know you are probably as horrified as I am that she has figured out how to pull out her hairbow. Sigh.

Does she fuss or scream or cry like her mother does when she pulls it off to land right over her eyes and keeps it there? Nope, she doesn’t. My sweet, precious fussbucket baby cries at most inconveniences, but not when she’s pulled her hairbow down over her eyes. Blinding her. But, at the same time, at least she doesn’t cry when I put it on her, either.

I am deeply saddened to report this new development to you, but it had to be done. And, it would have been reported sooner, except that I have continually forgotten to take a picture because I usually yank it back on her head as quick as possible, to its rightful, perfect, beautiful place. On her head. Not over her eyes. Or around her neck.


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