Another Baby!

Little Miss is about to become a Big Miss! That’s right, we are expecting another Phillips baby :o) Ella and our little peanut will be 17 months apart (oh. my. word.) and we couldn’t be more excited! More details to come, but we had our first ultrasound yesterday. And, everything looks absolutely perfect! We fell in love with the peanut pretty stinkin’ quick and come February, the Phillips house is going to be a little bit cuh-razy. And, weeeee love it!

4 thoughts on “Another Baby!

  1. That's awesome! No lie, I wondered how close in age you two are because my hunch is that this baby might be another girl! And, I thought of you two, because I really want to be able to nurture the same kind of closeness that siblings like y'all have. Lots of prayer! 🙂


  2. I'm totally with you on thinking this next peanut is going to be another girl. 😉 And for the record, I totally had a “sixth-sense” vibe that you were preggers. Before I went on FB and saw the *awesome* announcement, I thought to myself that I felt like you were pregnant, etc, etc… hehe. 🙂 CONGRATS GIRL!! I'm super excited to see the journey this time around! 🙂


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