Ella Update and Baby Update!!

Two rather fun milestones shared a day today!! First, is that sweet baby Ella is ELEVEN months old today! Bahhh! One more month until the big one year…so excited! And, the second fun thing of today is that we got to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time…yay!

Ella Tidbits:

–We really think she gets sweeter every day! She still has her fiery/strong-willed streak in her, but she has calmed down a whooole lot the last few months. She giggles and smiles and gives kisses now. I just love that little laugh!

–She is loving her some finger foods! Anything soft, mushy, and dairy-free will be eaten up in a snap! We’ve actually had to resort back to breaking up her puffs and making even smaller pieces of food than before. Girlfriend likes her food and thinks it’s a challenge to shove as much food in her mouth at once as possible. Therefore, after she choked and changed color a couple of times, I decided I would much rather break everything into the smallest pieces for the rest of her life than be a freakazoid that she’s going to choke. She has since started to slow down a bit, so maybe we’ll try whole puffs and bigger pieces again…maybe :o)

–No crawling! But, for the first time in her life, she is actually seeming like she might be interested. She’s been putting herself on her tummy a lot lately (which has NEVER happened before). She’s pumping and sometimes seems like she’s about to crawl. But, then she either stops or rolls over, haha. But, regardless, she’s been getting around by scooting on her bottom which is hi-lar-i-ous. I’ve always thought she’d skip crawling altogether, but she may just give it a go!

–She’s still rather hairless. But, her hair is definitely still dark and her eyes are most definitely bright blue. She also has a little curl to her hair during bathtime. Of course, that makes me so happy!

–Little Miss talks and talks and talks. I really think she believes she is talking in full sentences and telling us stories. She will babble on and on and on. Her most frequent words are: dada, mama, and baba (maybe for the baby brother or sister she will have in February?! Can I get a what, what??)

–Still taking 2 naps a day (thank you, Jesus! Sickly mama needs her morning nap still, hehe). And, sleeps 11-12hours a night. She’s a great sleeper and still loves her crib. We don’t take it granted for a second!

–She is SO girly. Her noises, her squeals, her tone, the way she crosses her legs, the way she holds her hands, etc. She is just the girliest baby I have ever met! You take the pink away from her, and the hairbows and simply by her voice and mannerisms, you would KNOW she’s a girl. And, can I tell you something? I totally love it!!

Now for some Baby Phillips tidbits:

–This pregnancy has been completely different than my one with Ella. The biggest difference being my sickness level. This first trimester has been what I would assume most women mean to be “bad morning sickness”. I throw up, I’ve lost 2 pounds, smells make me cringe, and all around just feel nauseous 24/7. I have begun to realize that my sickness level with Ella was just flatout not normal. The doctor’s weren’t kidding, I really did have hyperemesis and it was terrible. With her, I had already lost 10 pounds at this point, not two! With her, I couldn’t get food, drink or stomach bile to stay down. Already I am feeling the sickness escape me (not 100%, but definitely getting there!) and with her, I was able to at least function again around 18 weeks. But, I was sick the entire. time. with her! I was very nervous about being sick for another 9 months, since I just went through that. But, it looks like the Lord may just spare me from that this time around!

–With Ella I was definitely a salt craver, but this time around, I don’t seem to be biased toward either, haha! Time will tell which taste I crave more (especially since I am slowly getting to the point where I can eat again!)

–Today we heard the heartbeat for the first time and it was more difficult on me than I anticipated. If you remember, that’s how we discovered we had lost our first baby. Since I didn’t know what to expect that first time around, it didn’t seem a big deal to me that the doctor kept looking and looking and couldn’t find it. Then, couldn’t on the portable ultrasound and ultimately nothing on the big ultrasound. I didn’t think anything bad was going on until that big ultrasound (because our first ultrasound was just fine). There have been a lot of similarities of this pregnancy with our first baby and that’s been hard on me. Then, today came and the doctor had to search for our precious baby’s heartbeat. The look on the doctor’s face wasn’t very reassuring. I felt my whole body go weak and my brain hit overdrive. With the first baby, I had begun feeling much better but just assumed it was because the first trimester was ending. I have also thought the same thing this time around. So, when it took a minute to find the heartbeat, I was immediately back on the table, in my old doctor’s office, in Orlando. But, this time, I wasn’t naive and thinking everything was fine. Rather, this time, my mind ran right to the worst place in a split second. But, thankfully, he did find the heartbeat and everything was perfect. Nice and strong at 158 bpm.

It’s been a strange day for me so far. Joyful for the life that God is growing within, but sorrowful over what happened almost two years ago now. It’s amazing how something similar can take you back so quickly. I’m also sorrowful because hearing Ella’s heartbeat for the first time and now this precious baby’s were more of relief in the moment rather than abundant joy. But, I was just telling a dear friend today that I think one of the reasons that the Lord allowed us to lose our first baby was to teach me to cherish every single moment of my future children. And, that is what I am choosing to do today.

I will cherish the fact that my daughter is 11 months old and I love her more than I ever thought imaginable. I will also cherish that the Lord is allowing me to experience pregnancy one more time and Lord-willing, have another precious baby to cause my cup to runneth over even more!


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