Ella is ONE!!

On September 11, Ella turned one year old!! Does anyone else feel like that’s crazy?! Because, I sure do!
Her party invitation
Our new birthday tradition started with
Ella! Every time someone has a birthday
in our little family, the wreath will come out
for the week!
Dessert table! All pink desserts (including
the yummy strawberry filled Oreos in the back)
I made the table skirt with various ribbons,
streamers, and tulle. I loved the way it turned
The pom-poms! I adored these and had a really hard time
taking them down! A few are in Ella’s room now :o)
Her birthday banner! I started out making
one idea I had and then changed it to this one!
I really love the way it turned out (even free-
handing each letter, ahhhh!!). The backdrop is
the same as the tableskirt, ribbons, streamer, and
Pretty pink flowers and ribbons instead of a
table runner!
Garland made from Ella’s 1-11month pictures. In between
each picture was a tulle puff as I called them, haha
The favors…Good & Plenty! We liked the idea of the pink
and white candy, so we made up a little tagline to go with it!
Our family!
Showing off her birthday outfit! The hairbow
and tutu are the same she wore in her 1-11
month pictures.
I just love this picture! We let her go to town with the
ribbons and streamers after her party!
On her actual birthday the next day! We went
to church and then the zoo! Here she is with her
Nana (John’s mom)
At the zoo!!
Ella’s birthday was full of such precious moments that I hope we never forget! Including all hands on deck to get everything set up before her big party! I am so glad both John and I’s mother’s were in town. Plus, John is always such a huge help with stuff like this and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful.

In the days leading up to Ella’s party and birthday, I continually prayed that she would feel overwhelmed with love by everything that was put into it. And, through our love that she would get even just a small glimpse of God’s love for her. That’s why we stayed up late making pom-poms or garland or making my crazy table skirt because I had the idea at the last second. And, you know what? I think she did experience some of the depth of the love we have for her. Of course we pray she sees it everyday, but I think her birthday weekend was full of reminders for her!

Thanks everyone that came to the party and of course, our family that helped out SO MUCH!! Our little girl has been the biggest blessing of our lives and thanks for helping us to show her that in a new way :o)


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