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So, it’s been roughly a million years since I’ve updated this thing! I love reading other people’s blogs, but the time for updating my own was one of the things that went out the window after Charlotte was born! I’ve always missed it and thought that at some point it may happen again and today looks to be the lucky day ;o)

As many of you already know, we are pregnant again!! Baby is due August 20th and I’m currently 13 weeks along! For those of you keeping track of our circus, that’s a month before Ella’s third birthday aka we’re about to have 3 babies aged 2 and under! Craziness. But, I really do love the idea. Call me crazy, but it honestly sounds like a lot of fun!

What we haven’t told as many people is some of what we’ve been facing the last 13 weeks and what may lie ahead. At 10 weeks, we really thought we were losing the baby. I don’t want to go in graphic detail in any of this stuff, but we were devastated. Of course, it was MLK Day which meant that my doctor’s office was closed and I really didn’t want to go to the hospital. The next morning, we went to the doctor and baby was great!

A week and half later we had some further disconcerting signs, so back to the doctor. We heard the heartbeat and determined all was well until we could have a more detailed ultrasound the next week to figure out what was going on. We were given two possibilities that the doctor believed could be happening. We had the ultrasound and it turns out we hit the lottery! I have both complications! Haha, not to take something serious and make it a joke, but I laughed a lot that day. It was like, hmm, so both of these things are fairly rare and I end up with both of them at the same time? Crazy.

But, ultimately, it means I am on light bed rest and will be in the doctor’s office a lot. We are pretty hopeful that miscarriage is off of the table at this point. But, we are the most concerned about the third trimester and what it may hold. We need to keep a close eye on baby’s growth and my health at that point. We are extremely confident in our doctor and believe that the Lord has placed me under his care very intentionally. It’s all very funny to me because several things happened before all of this that the Lord used to confirm he is the doctor I need to be seeing.

Today we went to the Children’s Museum in Atlanta to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday with a family outing. We knew it had lots of places to sit and stretch out for me. But, since coming home from that, my body has made it evident that was a little too much. I’m glad we could escape for just a little bit for our sweet newly one year old, though! But, now we just know my parameters a little better :o)

God has already been teaching us a lot and we are so grateful He has given us these blessings known as our children. He is gently reminding us that life is fleeting and not one of us is guaranteed any day. Our children are His, not ours, and that is a strangely comforting, yet heart-wrenching thing all at once. How beautiful it is that we don’t have to rely on ourselves to do what only God can. Yet, how we think we would be so much better in control! We are such a foolish people. I do hope to post later more on the lessons God is giving us as we walk through this with joy and trust in Him!

We do covet your prayers and we love you all! Thanks for reading what was hopefully not all over the place, hehe.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy News

  1. Lots of prayers. I hate everything about the first trimester. The worrying is epic (at least for me). While I didn't have complications like you are having, I had a couple of scares with both my pregnancies (and of course the high blood pressure thing I face postpartum everytime). That's why we are done. It's a lot to take in for us. So excited for y'all! Yes, you're crazy but it's a good kind of crazy!!!!! Children are awesome!


  2. Congratulations! I'm inspired (first time reading your blog) and I pray you have a very healthy and happy pregnancy! I love the way you speak about God. He truly has the last say and will be the main provider throughout! You're in my prayers!


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