Another little update about our crazy life these days 🙂

Friday night was a little scary in our house. I’ve come to the conclusion that if something scary is going to happen in this pregnancy, it prefers to take place at the worst time. When you’re getting ready for bed is no time for chaos to break loose. But, thankfully, things settled down a few hours later and we were able to get some much needed sleep. I had lots of nightmares that night (I already dream a lot when I’m pregnant), but the Lord was unbelievably gracious and I was able to fall back asleep quickly each time (which, it really was from the Lord because I’ve battled insomnia this pregnancy and I definitely would’ve been left wide awake by the dreams).

One thing that Friday night taught us is a better scope of my boundaries. As I posted before, we went out to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday and while I really did sit and avoided doing a lot of lifting and such, I obviously was still walking around more than normal. I was selfishly hoping that all would go well Friday and afterwards so I wouldn’t be mostly confined to the house. But, as my doctor said at our last appointment “our bodies give us signs when things aren’t working right”. And, boy, ain’t that the truth.

As I’ve laid around, taken it easy, drank a lot of water, stayed on top of my vitamins, and everything else possible to protect this life growing within and my own, I am consistently reminded of God’s protection of us through Jesus Christ. I’m doing everything possible to protect this life that doesn’t even know it needs protecting. Baby was happily dancing around in the last ultrasound, oblivious to the odds that have already been conquered and potential threats we may fight along the way. I can’t help but think of Jesus leaving His most perfect throne in Heaven to fight for us. To protect us. To call us by name as His child. He died for us so that we could claim His protection over us. He protected us before we ever had a clue that we needed protecting.

I really do believe strongly that baby and I are going to make it out of all this healthy. And, I can honestly say that is only from the Lord. Fear can pervade so easily (especially to someone that *might* tend to be a control freak). I think one of the things the Lord is trying to teach me is how to be still over these next few months. And, how to completely hand over all of the things I do for our family to Him (it’s rather easy to feel like you’re failing your family when all of a sudden all of the physical things you can do for them has been stripped away). I’m so grateful and humbled that God has chosen our family to refine and teach! I just hope that I choose to listen!


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