Not My Family!

We are still so grateful for so many of you praying! John asked for folks to pray Psalm 91 last night and it was so beautiful to see how many of you did. We have been claiming it over baby Warner’s life and the power of Scripture is an amazing one.

As some of you know, I’ve had the privilege of going around the world to tell people about Jesus. I’ve always had such a longing for the whole world to know of the power of Christ. I’ve been in some very dark places. Places where you can physically feel the weight of evil. The darkness is so thick that you can’t help but feel it. I’ve prayed over demon possessed people and watched as the Lord healed (yes, it does still happen). All of that to say, some of the darkest dark I have ever felt come against me is since John and I started our family.

The enemy attacked our family HARD after Ella was born. Maybe one day I’ll go into details, but suffice it to say that John really stood in the gap for our family. And, through the power and grace that the Lord lavished on us, we’ve been able to stand strong. But, I say that to say, God really gave me a peek into the spiritual warfare that happens over Jesus loving families. I firmly believe that the enemy attacks those families as his number one to defeat. I never would have really understood that until I walked it.

Yesterday afternoon and then into the night, I could really feel the weight of everything that is currently happening. We have sensed from the beginning of all this that the enemy is even prowling over our unborn child because he knows that our family desires to further the Kingdom. But, last night, the dark got thick.

I kept handing all the pieces over to the Lord, the only thing I know to do. I continually prayed that the Holy Spirit would intercede on my behalf because I was too weak (and, that is a plug to memorize Scripture, because when you’re too weak, the Holy Spirit will pull down deep).

It’s interesting, because in this condition, any rise in my blood pressure can cause us to lose the baby. And, something insane has happened each dadgum day to try and get my blood pressure up! Haha! From toilets exploding out of nowhere to grandmother’s passing away to a million other things, I’ve been able to remain in peace from the Lord. Last night wasn’t quite the same story, but God wiped my tears and frustration. He protected sweet baby and gave me the physical rest I needed last night.

And, it’s all because of a husband willing to intercede for his wife and his family while everyone is asleep. In the dark of the night, which could accurately describe the feelings, he prayed Scripture, sung praises to our God, and stood in the gap telling the enemy “Not my family!” We are one blessed family and praises to the God who reigns sovereign despite the enemy’s threat to steal, kill and destroy!


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