Calling of Motherhood

I’ve got three Littles under my care that look at me every day as though I know what I’m doing. What they don’t realize, is that I don’t have the faintest clue. But, what I do know is that I’m not here by accident.

Mom and Jed

There wasn’t some mistake when God gave me the kids He did. And, Warner wasn’t some cosmic mishap. No matter which kids might have been “planned” or “unplanned”, there is a God that doesn’t have accidents.

Ella throw

I don’t know how many times I’ve cried out to God thinking “I can’t do this”… from arriving at Warner’s funeral to cleaning the kitchen table again. And, the freeing reality is that I can’t do it. But, because God has called me to this by each child He’s placed in my story, He’s got my back.


I am called to that runny nose.

I am called to that 1,000th PB&J.

I am called to nurse that baby every hour during a growth spurt.

I am called to clean up that mess made by those little hands.

I am called to do all of that laundry.

I am called to love those babies.


It hurts and it’s hard. Hormones are crazy and sleep deprivation can confuse everything. But, every single time I take care of one of those babies, I might as well be caring for Jesus Himself.

Snow fist

And, the beauty of it all?

Not only does God equip and empower us, He gives us glimpses of joy.

Ella Face

A laughing baby during the 3am wake-up call.

A “look Mom! I made this for you!”

A “oh, you look beautiful, Mom”

Sisters holding hands.

Sisters remembering their brother in Heaven.

Another brother that breathes joy in the sorrow.

Snow angels from little bodies.

Snow Kids

It doesn’t seem like a grand calling to most people. But, neither did a manger birth or riding on a donkey.


2 thoughts on “Calling of Motherhood

  1. Ah, these pictures are adorable! and your words as well – Yes! You are called and only through Christ can any of us do the easy and the hard things (days)! For His Glory! You are an amazing daughter, Mom and WO-man!! !!


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