Jed’s Star Wars Nursery

After Warner passed away, one of the more difficult things for John was not being able to share his love of Star Wars with him. So, when we found out that our next baby was our Jed{i}, I decided that he needed a Star Wars nursery. But, Google and Pinterest carried a lot of tacky. And, while I’m not the classiest person in the world, I can’t do full-on tacky. So, despite never even seeing all of the movies when I decided on his room, I was bound and determined to make his room look cool! We were on a tight budget, but I’m really glad how it turned out. Enjoy!

Jed Room_0_1 Jed Room_1 Jed Room_5 Jed Room_6 Jed Room_8 Jed Room_10 Jed Room_11 Jed Room_14 Jed Room_15 Jed Room_17 Jed Room_21 Jed Room_23 Jed Room_26 Jed Room_28 Jed Room_30 Jed Room_34 Jed Room_41 Jed Room_43