Coffee Beans

So, I’ve never been a coffee fan {cue all of the coffee lovers running with their lit torches ready to harm me}. It’s just never really been my thang. I only ever drank speciality coffee that was so doused in flavorings and sugar that it was difficult to realize that coffee was even hidden in it.

Once Jed was born, I quickly realized that I may need to learn to love coffee. One morning I stumbled into the kitchen after a long night and tossed around stuff on the “coffee shelf” that has everything needed for guests. I grabbed a bag of coffee beans that was given to us from a friend in Orlando. I proceeded to grind the coffee beans in our blender (which I’m still unsure if that’s what you’re supposed to do) and made a pot of coffee. That was my first time ever making a pot of coffee and drinking it myself.

No one ever explained to me that hot coffee on a cold morning when you were up all night and now have three Littles to care for is God’s gift to Mama’s everywhere. It is Heaven’s elixir. I’m on the road to studying up to become one of those super annoying people that discuss different kinds of roasts and coffee making processes. You know the type.

But, here’s the beauty in it all, as I drank the coffee, I remembered why we were gifted it. Our dear friend sent it to us after Warner died. (Coffee beans don’t expire, right?? I’m okay.)

And, now, here I was, savoring every drop as it helped me to wake up for the newborn days of our latest son. Two brothers connected in their Mama’s heart through a simple cup of coffee.

God met me in the mess over a cup of coffee. Exhaustion, hormones, pajamas, and crazy hair weren’t too much for me to have a moment with God because of a friend’s gift. Isn’t that like me? To think that a moment with God has to be some extravagant affair with a huge take-away.

But, it’s in the moments over a gifted cup of coffee after a long night behind and a long day ahead, that God speaks volumes. I’ve just got to be willing to look and to see and to accept the invitation right where I’m at. It wasn’t long before a child was crying and the coffee was gone, but weeks later and I’m still amazed at how God weaves Warner throughout our family story. And, how dear friends have chosen to walk our hurt with us. Also, how quickly one can become addicted to coffee every morning..


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