Professional Mom

Am I the only one that has sworn everyone else gets some type of degree in parenting and I somehow forgot to sign up for my classes? I mean, you only need to read about our gummy crisis of last week to be fully aware that I’m not a professional Mom.

But, honestly, sometimes it feels like everyone has some clue as to what they’re doing and I’m doping around rewashing the same load of laundry for the 3rd time. On a separate note, how does each child added into the mix triple the laundry? It makes sense for there to be an increase, but to triple it? I digress…

Somewhere over the last year or two, I’ve become more drawn to Mothers that are real about the struggle. It is hard to take care of Littles. It is hard to be like Jesus when you’re training Little Souls that are unabashedly sinful because they don’t understand it all yet.

Some days I have all of these grand expectations on myself and those are usually the days everything explodes (again, gummy crisis anyone?). Those expectations generally come from a good place, but in the moments I’m willing to be real and meet my kids in the messiness of my life, we usually have a time that is much more God-honoring than all of the fluff.

I wish I had dinner figured out more often and that my floor wasn’t covered in loose cheerios and that I actually did my hair once in a while. But, the truth is, for each thing I’ve done, something didn’t get done. And, that’s really just fine.

I’m gaining the trust of three sweet little babies that are under my current care. I fail them so often. But, a dirty house and sandwiches for dinner again are not the ways in which I fail them. It’s when I try to be a professional mother (which doesn’t exist) and I prioritize the fluff above them. Playing with playdoh and making a huge mess may not seem like much, but it’s where I’m needed at that moment. I may have to drink a few cups of coffee to be able to hold my eyes open to play with that playdoh, but you do what you gotta do.

I’m weary of trying to hold the title of “Professional Mom”. It’s something I was never meant to carry and it’s an easy way for the enemy to distract me. Instead, today I’m going to love those babies well and give them a glimpse of how Jesus can love in the middle of the mess


One thought on “Professional Mom

  1. YES!!!! This may be one of the greatest blog entries ever written. Love it!! You are a GREAT momma and it sounds like your priorities are right on! ❤️


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